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Ankit Oberoi appointed as CEO of Geniee International

Oberoi’s company Zelto Inc. was acquired by Geniee recently.

Geniee International, a division of Geniee Inc, a public global AdTech/MarTech firm listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange has announced the appointment of Ankit Oberoi as the company's new chief executive officer (CEO). Earlier this year in February, Geniee acquired Oberoi’s company Zelto Inc. Ankit continues to be the CEO of Zelto and now assumed the role of Geniee International’s CEO as well.

Ankit brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record in the advertising technology industry. With 20 years of experience in entrepreneurial and leadership roles in the field, he has successfully navigated the evolving landscape of digital advertising, consistently delivering outstanding results for clients and organizations he has worked with.

In his role as CEO, Ankit Oberoi will be responsible for spearheading Geniee International's overall strategy, fostering innovation, and driving business expansion. He will work closely with the company's talented team of professionals to deliver cutting-edge advertising solutions to clients worldwide, enabling them to maximize their digital advertising effectiveness.

Prior to joining Geniee International, Ankit held key executive positions at prominent technology companies, where he played instrumental roles in driving innovation, revenue growth, and market expansion. His deep understanding of the industry, coupled with his visionary leadership style, will be invaluable in positioning Geniee International as a global leader in the ad tech sector.

"I am honored to join Geniee International as its CEO and lead the company into the next growth phase," said Ankit. "I believe that the advertising technology industry presents immense opportunities, and I am committed to leveraging Geniee International's strengths and expertise to deliver exceptional value to our clients. Together with the talented team at Geniee International, we will build upon the company's strong foundation and drive innovation, enabling our clients to achieve their marketing goals" he added.

The board of directors at Geniee International is confident that Ankit Oberoi's appointment as CEO will further strengthen the company's market position and accelerate its growth trajectory. His extensive industry knowledge, strategic acumen, and passion for delivering results make him the ideal leader to guide Geniee International in the dynamic and competitive ad tech landscape.

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