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Athan Stephanopoulos to step down from Chief Digital Officer's role at CNN: Deadline

Stephanopoulos joined CNN in October 2022 to lead the digital team.

Athan Stephanopoulos is departing from his role as EVP and chief digital officer of CNN since Mark Thompson, CEO, CNN, has initiated a new network structure, according to a report by Deadline.

Stephanopoulos began his tenure at CNN under CEO Chris Licht's leadership. He was previously serving as the president of the digital news brand NowThis.

In a statement sent to CNN employees, he said, “In my discussions with Mark since his arrival, there was much we agreed on, in particular that innovative high quality digital news services would be increasingly important for CNN’s future success. But it also became clear that Mark had his own vision of how he wanted digital operations to be organized. In order to give him the freest hand possible to structure and shape the organization moving forward, I felt that now was the best time for me to step back from my role and move on to a new chapter.”

Stephanopoulos will leave the company at the end of January 2024. He hasn't announced any future plans yet.

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