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BHIVE Group appoints Anurag Sharma as VP of Marketing

In his previous job, he created and executed branding and marketing strategies for BHIVE Workspace.

BHIVE Group has named Anurag Sharma as the vice president of marketing. Anurag has achieved his current position through his unending dedication and ability to produce great results. In his previous job, he created and executed branding and marketing strategies for BHIVE Workspace. Consequently, Anurag's impact is already visible in BHIVE's image.

"Every night spent strategizing, every idea nurtured, and every challenge overcome has led to this moment," Anurag shares. His new role is a recognition, and an emotional embrace of the relentless effort poured into his marketing journey. With his promotion, Anurag's responsibilities have expanded to encompass BHIVE Workspace, BHIVE Alts, and BHIVE Capital – a trio of entities poised for innovation and growth.

His mission now is to architect and drive pioneering marketing strategies that reinforce brand identity and catalyse growth. Anchored by an exceptional team of professionals, he champions a culture of innovation, synergy, and excellence that propels BHIVE Group beyond conventional marketing norms. "Innovation, pushing boundaries, and harnessing emerging trends are our compass to new frontiers," Anurag affirms. As he leads the marketing initiatives across BHIVE Group's diverse portfolio, Anurag is on a mission to realize the ambitious dreams of the BHIVE Group, aligning efforts with the founder to bring the future into sharper focus.

With a portfolio that spans software engineering, strategy consulting, entrepreneurship, and content creation, Anurag brings a unique blend of technical prowess, strategic vision, and audience understanding to his role.

Anurag Sharma's journey as vice president of marketing at BHIVE Group reflects not just his past endeavours but a promise of an innovative future. With a vision that encapsulates BHIVE's core values and a passion for driving growth, Anurag is set to redefine the marketing landscape one ground-breaking strategy at a time.

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