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BMW's Pallavi Singh announces sabbatical

Pallavi Singh announced that she is stepping down as BMW’s India marketing head. Singh created a website to announce that she would be on a sabbatical for the next year or so and focus on driving impact projects and initiatives for brands start-ups and non-profit organisations.

Singh had joined BMW India in 2019. She was responsible for leading marketing communication, CRM, and product organisation for BMW India. On her site, she mentions that she had managed and launched significant changes, campaigns, and initiatives leading to digital transformation for the company.

Prior to that, she worked at MG Motors India as the head of marketing between 2017 and 2019. She oversaw the brand’s launch in India and was responsible for scaling up operations, brand communications as well as events.

Pallavi Singh
Pallavi Singh

On her website, she writes the reason for her sabbatical in third person perspective. Read it below

After spending 15 years of working with amazing brands, global teams and building communities, Pallavi decided to take a break from her ‘job’ to seek answers and reflect on her ‘work’. She took this decision because she is cognizant of the fact that our world is changing fundamentally and radically across various domains and dimensions, especially after the onslaught of COVID-19. The truth is, that great changes have been in the works way before this global pandemic.

The resultant shifts may be far more prevalent in mobility, automation, clean energy, music/entertainment, and healthcare. Based on Pallavi’s rich experience with BMW, MG Motor & Harley-Davidson, her focus and efforts are now aimed at demystifying our digital-first reality, creating data centric strategies for business and building purpose and vision based programs for brands.

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