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Bombay Shaving Company elevates Deepak Gupta to Co-Founder

Prior to this, Deepak Gupta was serving as COO of Bombay Shaving Company and Bombae.

Visage Lines Personal Care, the holding company of brands Bombay Shaving Company and Bombae has elevated its chief operating officer (COO), Deepak Gupta to co-founder & COO.

A seasoned FMCG professional with a decade-long experience at Colgate-Palmolive India & China, Deepak joined Bombay Shaving Company as Chief Revenue Officer in 2019. He rose quickly through the ranks by taking ownership of company operations across supply chain, product development, growth and the overall P&L. He was elevated to Chief Operating Officer (COO) in June 2021.

In the last year and a half, he has led expansion of the company into multiple strategic businesses spanning from scaling Bombay Shaving Company into a serious omnichannel business challenging incumbent players, to foraying into women’s hair removal with launch of ‘Bombae’ as well as building a D2C services arm for the holding company. Under his leadership, Visage Lines has grown 6X in revenues and houses over 250 employees and has built itself as the brand of choice for the discerning consumer of today.

Bombay Shaving Company was founded in 2016 as a D2C brand with a mission to disrupt the men’s grooming space. Deepak has steered the organization to become an omnichannel institution across multiple arms and capabilities. The elevation to Co-Founder is a rare phenomenon that recognizes path-changing contributions to building an organisation. From the perspective of a Founder, this signals true partnership and a long-term commitment to building together. A handful of erstwhile startups such as Zomato, Blinkit, Rebel Foods, HomeLane and Housejoy have done this in the past.

"The company Deepak joined and the company today are very different. He has built it with me as a trusted partner. His strategic intellect, appetite for delivery, and the trust the entire organization and board place in him is exemplary. He is (and has been) a true partner and Co-founder in building a company we are all proud of. Thrilled to formalize his role.", Shantanu Deshpande, founder & CEO, said in the video.

“Deepak is a fab operator and has the confidence of the board. He has built the company side by side with Shantanu and is crucial for the future. Founders have to combine vision, strategy and execution and Deepak and Shantanu symbolize this. His elevation is a hallmark that professionals can make the best mark in startups”, Nikhil Vora, Founder of Sixth Sense and a board member at Bombay Shaving Company stated in an email.

"I am truly honored and grateful for this elevation & the trust Shantanu & the board have shown in me. I continue to be inspired by the culture of ownership and the strategic vision of the organization. With our limitless team & innovation pipeline, we are best positioned to cross the 500Cr ARR mark in the next 6-8 quarters. I am thrilled and earnestly looking forward to this new phase and partnership with Shantanu to make BSC and Bombae ‘formidable game-changers’ in Personal Care in India and globally", Deepak Gupta, now co-founder & COO, stated.

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