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Centrick promotes Malavika Shah to Chief Operating Officer

She was previously working as Head of Interactive Content.

Centrick has recently promoted Malavika Shah from head of interactive content to chief operating officer. This agency restructuring at the top besides being a vote of confidence for organic growth can be seen as the organisation’s measure of conviction in the people that made it a force to reckon with since its inception.

Vistasp Hodiwala, partner - Centrick says:

Centrick has always been an organisation with a difference. Being "Different" starts with people. "Different" has an impact on the structure. "Different" will steer relationships. Here is an organisation that has grown 417% without pitches, typical servicing, or new biz development teams. Here "Creative People" lead a creative organisation that celebrates one thing together: Creativity. That's why we believe our people are our biggest asset and the perfect successors to this organisation eventually. Malavika is the perfect first step of many in that direction.

Roy Menezes - partner and chief creative officer says:

Malavika joined us 3.5 years ago as a writer, which quickly escalated to the responsibility of heading a team. She made Centrick her own. Her tenacity, attitude and personality, with a sharp eye for the fine details of product output or relationships, make her the perfect person for this new role. We are glad to see our dear people take on the reins.

Malavika Shah Says:

Centrick has always had this warm fuzzy feeling we love to call home. Vistasp, Vikram and Roy have tried to build a place where one does not come in to do a "Job" but to do what they love to do. I love talking to people and I love writing and I just did what I loved doing. I thank them for building this place that celebrates good work and people and look forward to this new role.

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