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Dilpreeta Vasudeva joins Ziki and Sirrus.AI as the founding CMO

She served as Meta's head of marketing from 2022 to 2023.

Dilpreeta Vasudeva, who led Meta's marketing department from 2022 to 2023, has been named as Sirrus.AI's and Ziki's first chief marketing officer.

Vasudeva, who was impacted by Meta's 2023 layoffs in India, thanked the company for the experience, culture, and coworkers. Vasudeva, who has twenty years of experience, began her career at Radisson before going on to work for Microsoft, Tech Mahindra, and Times Internet.

She worked for Tata Play, Reliance Industries, and Bharti Enterprises in a variety of marketing capacities, including head of Jio Studios' marketing, head of digital marketing, and head of marketing transformation for financial services.

In addition to founding CMO Access, Vasudeva has experience in top marketing roles at Microsoft, Tata Play, and Jio Studios. She has experience working with senior leadership teams in over seven marketing categories and functional disciplines for MNCs and Indian conglomerates.

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