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Disney+ Hotstar’s brand marketing head Viswanathan V has decided to move on

He quits the video streamer after a nearly two-and-a-half-year stint.

Viswanathan V has announced on LinkedIn his departure from Disney+ Hotstar after a 2.5 year stint. The video streamer’s head of brand marketing, in his post, said:

Going from the familiar, highly structured, and fairly predictable environment of my past org, to this absolutely manic, frenetic and audacity-fueled place that was Hotstar…

That too at the beginning of a pandemic, which injected steroids into an already crazed OTT segment in the country.

It felt disorienting. Made me rethink my choices.

But over the coming days and weeks, I started getting used to, and then loving the madness (not entirely bereft of method) that this place served up constantly.

I had wonderful mentors, leaders and team members who helped me, first gather my bearings, and then contribute to key agendas that played a part in making Hotstar the largest OTT subscription brand in the country.

As I leave this place, I am overcome with a profound sense of Gratitude - for the opportunity of witnessing and contributing to this crazy journey.

He’d joined Disney+ Hotstar after a 12-year stint at Unilever where his last known designation was the global brand director of Radiant (Rin in India).

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