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Fabian Trevor Cowan appointed as CEO of Sapio Parthiv Heritech

Fabian recently stepped down as country head Posterscope India (part of the Dentsu group) after a 11-year stint.

Media veteran and 2020 OOH professional of the year Fabian Trevor Cowan has been appointed as CEO of the newly formed joint venture between Sapio Analytics, data driven government advisory group, and Parthiv Group, a conglomerate into finance, insurance, marketing, technology and more.

With a stated vision to re-imagine and convert outdoor locations across cities, towns, and villages to aesthetically pleasing and emotionally elevating spaces; Sapio Parthiv Heritech (SPH) is on a mission that focuses on culture driven transformation. The company plans to use innovative visual manifestations on outdoor products to create a new world of citizen-focused outdoor media and heritage focused merchandise.

SPH is creating universal products, backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning that can automatically contextualize location-basedsolutions. In the process, it plans to work with governments at all levels and the thriving private sector.

Through AI driven products that restore, digitize, and preserve India’s rich art and cultural heritage for eternity at the Arctic World Archive in Svalbard Norway, SPH has amassed unique digital inventories that date back to the 7th and 8th century B.C.,effectively for smart area-based development and out of home beautification projects across India. It is also creating an experience center in an ancient fort in Rajasthan owned by Sapio Analytics.

Additionally, through its deep foray into data analytics and consumer behavior understanding, SPH is developing transformative products for DOOH and location-based analytics that advertisers and OOH specialist agencies can benefit from.

On his new role Fabian said: “As an OOH professional, I believe it is the right time for us as an industry to work collectively towards the conscious elevation of the Out of Home locations we operate in. Refreshingly the challenge of doing something different, the excitement of creating something new and the sheer privilege of being part of a team of visionaries is what I found at SPH, and I am so looking forward to make a difference that is disruptive in a positive way for the OOH ecosystem”.

“SPH is creating a new market in the OOH ecosystem and having a visionary people’s leader at the helm is imperative to become a pioneer. In the next 1 year, we aim to transform spaces and own assets that shall elevate consciousness of the citizens of India, under the guidance of Fabian”, said Ashwin Srivastava, CEO of Sapio Analytics. Founder of Parthiv Group of Companies Rakesh Rathi also congratulated Cowan on his appointment in this transformative venture.

Fabian Cowan who recently stepped down as country head Posterscope India (part of the Dentsu group) after a 11-year stint, has been in media for the last 27 years with experience across print, radio, television, and out of home. A sought-after commentator on D/OOH, Fabian is also currently mentoring new initiatives across the OOH domain.

Sapio Analytics is an Artificially Intelligent Shadow Government Technology Support System that works to optimize decision making efficiency for the government across various sectors. With pioneering products across smart healthcare, local administration, law enforcement, rural finance, heritage restoration and more, Sapio is at the forefront of AI and ML driven innovation.

Parthiv Group, with a portfolio ranging from corporate and business financial services to individual and household financing, business advisory, marketing and consultancy services, wealth management andinsurance services,technology driven insurance and financing, is one of India’s fastest growing financial services companies.

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