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Fernando Machado leaves Activision Blizzard to helm marketing at NotCo, a plant-based food tech company

His move to the startup world comes after spending 25 years at big firms like Burger King and Unilever.

Joining NotCo, a plant-based food tech company, is Fernando Machado, Activision Blizzard’s now former CMO.

"“Why not?" That's more than just a slogan or a hashtag. It's a philosophy, a way of thinking. The courage to make it different, to trail a path that you will need to develop yourself. It's a bit scary for sure. And usually if you take this path it doesn't really mean you are fearless. It means you will go for it even when you are afraid,” writes Machado on LinkedIn.

His move to the eight-year-old NotCo comes after spending nearly three decades at big organisations such as Restaurant Brands International, Burger King, and Unilever. 

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