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Ferns N Petals announces the promotion of its Senior Leadership Team

Pawan Gadia has been promoted to the new role of Global CEO & Director.

With an eye towards the future growth and development of the company, Ferns N Petals has strengthened its senior leadership team with the elevation of their top officials to new designations and job roles.

Pawan Gadia has been promoted to the new role of Global CEO & director. He will continue to lead the development of the company’s long-term strategy with a focus on special projects. He will be involved in setting new strategic goals, management of key relationships, as well as building a sustainable growth oriented organization that maximizes value for all its stakeholders.

Following the new amend in the ladder, Manish Saini is designated as the CEO e-commerce India. He will be involved in implementing the growth plans of India’s e-Commerce, and ensuring that the division meets its targets through the development of new teams and strategies. His growth in this company has been mercurial and unparalleled.

Rajesh Kumar is now the CEO overseas and will be broadly responsible for the overall growth of the FNP’s international geographies, focusing on strategic plans and building a capable team.

Udyat Gutgutia is now designated as a director of the company. He will continue to lead the teams ahead in a direction to further improvise FNP’s customer experience, along with focusing on making FNP an inclusive and conscious organization.

On the new development, Vikaas Gutgutia, MD & founder, at Ferns N Petals expressed, “A strong and empowered leadership team is instrumental for a successful implementation of the company’s vision. With their deep knowledge, market expertise and passion, I truly believe that FNP’s journey has only begun. When we look at the company 100 years from now, we’ll realize how this was only the beginning of the journey, and that we’re still at our infancy.”

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