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Former Hotstar executives Harish Prabhu & Dhawal Gusain launch their own new venture Postudio

Postudio is disrupting the video post-production market globally by providing an on-demand, cloud-based end-to-end platform for post-production.

Harish Prabhu, former VP of product & technology and founding member of Hotstar and Dhawal Gusain, former EVP & head of content Ops, insights & new initiatives at Hotstar, announce the launch of their new venture - Postudio.

Postudio is disrupting the fast-growing $20B+ video post-production market globally by providing an on-demand, cloud-based end-to-end platform for Post-production. 

Postudio was developed not only to address these challenges but also to provide additional powerful benefits - all a user needs is a laptop/ PC with a standard browser and an internet connection. The solution currently comprises: 

● A central storage for all media assets in post-production from raw footage to final files which can also be leveraged as a System of Record 

● An on-demand marketplace of virtual machines & 20+ professional softwares including Adobe, Avid and Blackmagic to choose from - the pay as you go model ensures maximum capacity utilization, and significant cost savings. 

● Integrated workflow suite comprising real-time collaboration, project management, analytics, content security and access control tools 

While on one hand Postudio ensures a seamless user experience for frontline talent like editors and online artists, on the other hand it provides robust cost control, project planning and analytics capabilities to the management. 

Said Harish Prabhu, founder of Postudio, “When Production & Post Production ground to a halt during the pandemic, it got me thinking. The industry needed to find a way to keep working – A cloud based solution is what it needed. However, the solution had to deliver from a business as well as a creative perspective. Postudio was born from this vision, offering a cutting-edge platform for customers that helps them use time and money efficiently. With our cloud-based infrastructure, global teams can collaborate seamlessly in real-time, engaging in multiple projects concurrently with utmost ease. The pay-per-use model ensures cost-efficiency. I can proudly say that Postudio is a first not only for India but also for the global post production Industry. Our goal, ultimately, is to facilitate optimum content mobility from ‘Sets to Screens via SaaS’’. 

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