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Jyoti Malhotra becomes the first female editor-in-chief of The Tribune Group

Jyoti has worked as a journalist for more than thirty years. She has reported on foreign affairs, politics, and national affairs.

The Tribune Trust has selected veteran journalist Jyoti Malhotra, who brings extensive experience in print, TV, and digital media, to lead as the editor-in-chief of The Tribune Group, the 143-year-old newspaper based in Chandigarh. Jyoti Malhotra will take over the responsibility on May 14.

Jyoti Malhotra has worked in high-level editorial roles in different news organisations like India Today, Indian Express, The Print, and Star News, and has frequently written for BBC Radio.

She extensively covers the overlap of politics, diplomacy, and culture in the Indian subcontinent, with a particular emphasis on Pakistan and Afghanistan. She replaces Rajesh Ramachandran, who steps down after working for six years at the top newspaper in the region.

Image Credits: The Tribune

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