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Kaizad Pardiwalla moves on from The 120 Media Collective

After spending over two decades in the ad world, Kaizad Pardiwalla has started his own consulting agency.

Kaizad Pardiwalla, former president and chief operating officer at The 120 Media Collective has moved on from the agency. He has founded and will work as chief executive officer at KPC - Responsive Creativity, a consultancy. Pardiwalla has nearly 20 years' experience in the field of advertising. In 2016, he joined the 120 media group as the President of Jack in the Box Worldwide and within a year, was promoted to the post of chief operating officer. Over a call, he mentions that having spent years in the industry with renowned agencies, his decision to work at 120 Media Collective was tied to his desire to work for a boutique agency and to understand how they function.

Kaizad Pardiwalla
Kaizad Pardiwalla

In the past, Pardiwalla has worked with big names such as Ogilvy One (head - Mumbai), the Grey Group (branch head - Mumbai), and Orchard Advertising (chief operating officer). "Working in the ad world all these years ignited a passion in me to do something on my own. My agency is a consulting agency and will focus heavily on responsive creativity - an intelligent creative that relies on data," he says.

He mentions that during the course of his career, he has spoken to many marketers and what he has understood is, "In today's market, there are a lot of startups and there are two things they're essentially looking for. Someone who can help them build a brand and define it for them. What steps to take and what market strategy to use after brand definition is what a complete market strategy is all about," he says.

While pondering on innovations that would set the agency and their work apart, Pardiwalla hit upon the idea of focusing on the 'responsive creative' which is also known as the dynamic creative, in the ad world. He explains that it is a confluence of data analytics, technology, creativity and communication.

"When your creative has its roots in data, it's going to be much more hard hitting and advertisers are going to be able to see ROI much quicker on these creatives as well," he tells us. "We are no longer comfortable putting a bulk of our money into advertising on creativity which is not strongly defined. For everyone, ROI is paramount today, so it's important to be able to illustrate results. When clients know what you're doing with their data, they're also more willing to give you access to it," explains Pardiwalla.