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Kewal Kapoor joins Fun2 App as Consultant Global Advisor & Creative Strategist

Prior to this, Kewal has been seen wearing several hats over his 20+ years of experience in the industry

Fun2 App, a new-age made in India sports and entertainment video sharing platform for the global audiences welcomes Kewal Kapoor as Consultant Global Advisor & Creative Strategist. He brings with him industry insights, vast experience in creative strategy and brand development, and innovative experience to the business gained in the largest and most successful brands worldwide.

Prior to this, Kewal has been seen wearing several hats over his 20+ years of experience in the industry. Kewal in his journey has been associated with print, tv, digital, mobile and has worked in various capacities, some of the institution that he worked with included UTV, BBC, one of the top-notch advertising agency, he directed and produced a couple of documentaries, short film, ad films and so on and so forth. Kapoor is also the founder & director of Chai Kreative & Oliver Green Sports , where he is currently working on something really exciting related to the world of sports. His expertise lies in conceptualizing rich, brand-centric stories that enriches the brand’s overall look, feel and fragrance.

On the appointment, \Kewal said, “In all my career, I’ve always believed that it is the holistic synergy of the product and strategic marketing that can take a brand and make it into something. I’m extremely excited to be part of the solution which will alleviate Fun2 App’s market presence. Fun2 App before I came on board was only an entertainment platform, but I introduced first strategic shift and made it ‘sports and entertainment platform’ and it’ll be my personal mission to give creative and strategic input to make it the go-to platform for those who believe in “joy of creating, and joy of playing together.

He stated “Human being are facing toughest challenge in history of its existence due to Covid and other issue, idea of: we are together has to be adopted, accepted and curated in every possible format in order to fight with this Gloom.

Manoj Bhanu, founder, Fun2App, on Kapoor’s appointment, “Fun2 App short video entertainment application was our brainchild, which we have self-funded to cater to this new-age audience looking for a niche platform offering entertainment content. We are happy that despite being deeply involved in his own company and various project he agreed to give the strategic support . we aim to explore various waters and make Fun2 the go-to destination for creating and posting exciting videos. Also, it’s striking how closely the values Kapoor promotes will now be part the mission, vision and purpose of Fun2. We have full confidence in Kapoor unparalleled creative exposure, and that he’ll bring invaluable insight and direction on how we can slowly and surely create “true UGC platform.”

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