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Liqvd Asia appoints Praveen Nair

Praveen comes on board to bolster the creative leadership team and expand the company’s digital footprint.

Liqvd Asia, a leading digital full-service company, has announced the appointment of Praveen Nair as its joint national creative director. Praveen comes on board to bolster the creative leadership team and expand the company’s digital footprint.

A veteran of more than 15 years, Praveen has helmed the creative teams at Grey Worldwide, Dentsu Isobar (now Dentsu Creative), The 120 Media Collective, and MRM (McCann Relationship Marketing). He has worked on multiple clutter-breaking campaigns for brands including Bournvita, Volkswagen, PNB MetLife and Tata Motors. Praveen’s appointment aligns with Liqvd Asia’s vision of collaborative creation, nurturing and encouraging talent to work in tandem strategically to deliver market-winning services.

Speaking on his appointment, Praveen Nair, joint national creative director, Liqvd Asia said, “The one thing that excites me about this new role is Liqvd Asia's vision. I believe that the core responsibility of an agency is going beyond platforms and briefs, and focussing on providing solutions for real business challenges. It's challenging and that's what makes it exciting. And the fact that I'll be working with industry veterans like Anish and Sunil, is what I'm most pumped about.”

Praveen will collaborate with Sunil Gangras, also joint national creative director at Liqvd Asia, to uplift the product offering and spearhead impact-driven campaigns.

“Nothing is as fascinating as conceiving ideas that go beyond the traditional brief to disrupt a category and have a larger digital impact. I am particularly excited to work with Anish and Praveen to bolster the creative product because in today’s day and age, I feel it’s important to think beyond the larger brand story and ensure it is seamlessly integrated with the digital landscape,” said Sunil Gangras, Joint National Creative Director, Liqvd Asia.

Liqvid Asia has been at the forefront of the digital renaissance with their award-winning campaigns by infusing a culture that reflects their commitment to strengthen their creative and strategic prowess. The company continually strives to add new dimensions to their creative thinking process and expand their digital footprint by dissolving boundaries set by traditional digital companies. With an emphasis on enhancing collective vision resulting in ground-breaking creative ideations and robust strategic build, Liqvid Asia has successfully bridged the gap between idea and technology for the new age audience.

“It's a vital decision that we took to align our ambitions to dissolve boundaries set by traditional digital agencies. Both Sunil and Praveen come with unmatched experience, and over the years, they have displayed proven skills in marrying ideas and technology for the new-age audience. I look forward to building stories with them, stories through which people will remember Liqvd Asia,” said Anish Varghese, chief creative officer, Liqvd Asia.

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