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Ogilvy Worldwide CEO John Seifert to retire in 2021

In a personal statement on the Ogilvy website, John Seifert who's served Ogilvy for 41 years said that he and Mark Read, Chief Executive of WPP, agreed to begin the search for Seifert's successor.

He said, "I have worked closely with Mark Read, Chief Executive of WPP, since his appointment in 2018 on leadership development and succession planning across The Ogilvy Group, and that includes me as well.

Mark and I have each embarked on ambitious journeys of business and brand transformation for the companies we lead, and nothing is more important to both of us than recruiting and developing top talent.

Earlier this year, Mark and I agreed that we should begin the process of searching for my eventual successor, knowing that this process takes time and thoughtful engagement with potential candidates internally and externally."

Seifert went on to say that he will lead Ogilvy with all his strength until a successor is appointed and a leadership transition is completed sometime in 2021.

John Seifert joined Ogilvy back in 1979 as a summer intern and succeeded Miles Young as CEO in 2016. He oversaw the restructuring and rebranding of Ogilvy & Mather to Ogilvy.

"I love this company with all my heart and will be forever supportive of its success," he mentioned at the end.