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ShareChat's CCO Ajit Varghese steps down

Varghese's engagement with the company lasted a little over two years.

After spending over two years helming the commercial and business strategies for Sharechat and Moj, belonging to parent company Mohalla Tech, Chief Commercial Officer Ajit Varghese has announced that he will be stepping down from the position. During his two year stint, he worked closely with the founders Ankush Sachdeva and Farid Ahsan and was tasked to launch and drive marketing efforts for the social media platforms.

Varghese took to social media to announce his departure from the organisation. Describing his experience with ShareChat, Varghese says in his Linkedin post, "[It was]An excellent two year stint with immense learning, seven times growth, setting up/ expanding revenue, marketing and partnership team by ten times, working collaboratively with a great young cross functional team in content, product and tech vertical, 1000+ advertisers on the platform, the confidence from founders to dream big and play long term, opportunity and patience from clients and agencies to work closely to establish new ecosystem of being no.1 player in the 'short video space' (especially post the TikTok ban in India), leverage space of 'language audience' of India and creating a new space of 'mass market influencer marketing'."

He joined the company after a 13 year engagement with agency WPP, where he worked as the Global President for Wavemaker.

The news of Varghese stepping down from the C-suite comes only about three weeks after ShareChat announced that they will be laying off 5 percent of their employees. Mohalla Tech also recently shut down its fantasy gaming vertical Jeet11.

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