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Qoruz announces new hires to the leadership team

Santosh Kumar K & Mothi Venkatesh have been appointed as the director of product sales and head of growth respectively.

Qoruz, the creator economy company, has announced the appointment of two senior leaders to accelerate the development of its core brand and business verticals.

Qoruz platform allows you to discover, evaluate, connect and collaborate with creators, to leverage their influence across social platforms for different types of commercial associations, from marketing, content collaborations and more.

Santosh Kumar K & Mothi Venkatesh have been appointed as the director of product sales and head of growth respectively. These appointments come as a part of Qoruz’s strategic effort to build a pool of progressive workforce adding to the significant growth of its employee strength as they venture into new markets.

Santosh Kumar K has been appointed as their director of product sales. In this role, he will be responsible for driving growth for the influencer platform Qoruz has built and perfected over the years. Prior to joining Qoruz, Santosh worked as the Senior Sales Manager at AppsFlyer, where he was responsible for working with mobile-first brands in their quest to measure and optimise their performance marketing campaigns.

Confirming his new appointment, Santosh said “I am excited to begin this journey with Qoruz. A visionary concept built and scaled across the past 7 years gives us an edge when it comes to not only being the first mover but also the only complete suite provider. My mandate is to enable brands to discover the right influencer to promote them and do it at scale.”

Mothi Venkatesh has been appointed as the head of growth. In this role, he will be responsible for driving the growth of the creator management platform in India. Prior to joining Qoruz, Mothi, led Demand Generation at Recko (acquired by Stripe), where he was responsible for multi-channel demand generation programs for global lead generation and growth. With an experience of 8+ years, Mothi was instrumental in engaging org-level team building and executing standard improvement initiatives.

Mothi Venkatesh said “I am thrilled to be joining Qoruz, a young company focused on building a creator ecosystem for influencer marketing. In my new role, my goal is to help accelerate the demand for our innovative solutions around the world.”

In the last two quarters, the company has seen significant growth in its employee strength and is expecting it to further increase across core verticles. With the major workforce being millennials the brand aims at creating a progressive, and new-age workplace environment, paving the way for fresh and new-age ideas to flow in.

Praanesh Bhuvaneswar, CEO & co-founder at Qoruz said “Santosh and Mothi have had a stellar track record in their previous roles building scalable and efficient revenue units. As we are ramping our play in SMB markets and looking at new geographic expansion, I am thrilled about the growth ramp-up that Mothi and Santosh will be bringing forward with their deep expertise in the SaaS and Martech industries.”

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