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Rahul Welde moves on from Unilever after 31 years

Welde's future move remains unknown.

Rahul Welde, EVP - digital transformation and digital business at Unilever, has decided to move on from after spending 31 years at the organisation.

Welde shared the update on LinkedIn. His post said, "Time does fly. It has been 31 years since I started my career at Unilever on a bright day. What a ride! I am fortunate to have been able to ‘pivot’ my career several times, long before the word became fashionable, all while being in the same company. I have always believed in owning your spirit - in my case, following my mantra of ‘Joy over Success’. And sustaining my undying thirst for the new and left field."

"As excited about the new chapter as I was when I started my career 31 years ago. Here’s looking forward to the next frontier and then some more," his post added.

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