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Sameer Arora joins the Advisory Board of Boomlet Group

Sameer will have a crucial and influential position in the field of corporate finance at Boomlet.

Boomlet Group, a company specializing in influencer marketing and crisis communication, has recently added Sameer Arora to its Advisory Board. Sameer brings with him an extensive 25-year background in important domains such as financial leadership, strategy consulting, corporate finance, business development, and valuation.

Sameer will have a crucial and influential position in the field of corporate finance at Boomlet. He will provide guidance on important financial decisions related to managing the company's treasury funds, investments, and other resource allocations. With his expertise, Sameer will help the company effectively handle its finances, ensuring a strong financial position and strategic growth. Sameer expressed his enthusiasm for his role, stating that he will focus on fostering financial growth, making strategic monetary decisions, implementing necessary steps to achieve financial targets and roadmaps, and suggesting relevant measures to reach those targets. He is excited to collaborate with the team to advance strategic goals and ensure the company's continued expansion and success.

Danish Malik, co-founder & CEO of Boomlet Group on Sameer’s appointment, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Sameer Arora to our Advisory Board member. Sameer's extensive experience and expertise are a valuable asset to our organization as we continue our journey of growth and expansion. His insight and guidance will be instrumental in pursuing and capitalizing growth opportunities.”

“We are confident that Sameer Arora's leadership and financial expertise will help Boomlet Group excel in today's dynamic business environment. His role on the Advisory Board will be pivotal in driving our strategic initiatives and ensuring financial viability for our diverse ventures.” said Preety Singh, co-founder & Managing Director of Boomlet Group, on Sameer’s appointment.

Boomlet Group is on the cusp of expanding its horizons by venturing into new business verticals. Sameer Arora's appointment as an Advisory Board member marks a step further in the company's commitment to growth and financial success. His valuable experience and financial expertise will have a significant impact on the organization's journey towards achieving its strategic goals

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