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Satya Koniki takes charge as Head of Global Delivery for Zoo Media Network

Satya will be responsible for establishing global delivery centres.

Zoo Media, the independent digital agency network has announced the appointment of Satya Koniki as the head of global delivery. Satya will be responsible for establishing global delivery centres (GDCs) that will leverage India's finest talent and offshoring capabilities to serve independent agencies worldwide.

Satya Koniki is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of multi-faceted industry experience and expertise in global operations. Previously, he held key positions in global companies such as HCL, Wunderman, and Hogarth in India and e-commerce startups like Chegg and A1Books in the USA. His efficiency in offshoring, fostering robust agency partnerships, managing high-profile clients, and navigating the complexities of digital marketing will add tangible business value to the Zoo Media team.

Satya commented on his new role, “Setting up global delivery hubs is about identifying talent, building teams at scale, tailoring processes and adapting to changing market dynamics to deliver client solutions - with Zoo Media, most of these are covered, so I am excited to push forward”.

Satya’s responsibilities will encompass various regions within the Zoo Media Network, with a critical focus on Zoo Global Delivery. The network already has a team based in the US aiming to centralise offshore services.

Satya’s role involves overseeing seamless operations worldwide, beginning with Indian centres and later expanding to different regions. He is adept at creating customized delivery centres to meet client needs and requirements, “It's about fostering flexibility and preparedness, ensuring that business operations can thrive regardless of external challenges, thereby delivering valuable services to clients,” he added.

Satya will work closely with cross-functional teams across sales, HR, finance, and client servicing. He will be reporting directly to Suveer Bajaj, Co-Founder of Zoo Media.

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