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Siriti makes senior level creative appointments

Vipul Indulkar appointed as Creative Director, Content and Amy Bahulekar is Creative Partner, Digital.

Siriti, a 4 year old independent creative agency, has been hiring at the middle and senior level, during the past few months. Sohan Shah, Cofounder at Siriti shared “During the pandemic, while we continued to partner with our commercial clients, we also reached out to NGOs to support their fight against COVID-19 and related challenges. Even through the lockdown, we got on board individuals who shared our passion and purpose.”

They have recently hired, Vipul Indulkar as Creative Director, Content and Amy Bahulekar, Creative Partner, Digital.

“Amy is a force of nature; curious, confident and competent. She joins us to further our digital marketing solutions.” said Vainateya Gavai, Cofounder, Siriti.

Amy, who comes with a decade’s experience in advertising, shared, “There a couple of strong forces that pulled me towards Siriti. They truly follow their philosophy of ‘Creativity for Humanity’. While they work with commercial brands, they also work deeply with at least three organizations from the social sector at any given time. This mix was very appealing to me. Also, as someone who happens to be transgender, an inclusive environment matters immensely. At Siriti, I can just be myself, focus on the important stuff, and just keep going onwards and upwards.”

In an interesting move, Vipul Indulkar, who left advertising to explore the world of ad film production and direction, moved back into the advertising fold, with the focus still on content creation.

Vipul Indulkar, with almost 12 years of industry experience, explains “Having worked in advertising through my formative years and then in film production over the past 5 years, both these journeys have shaped my thinking. I revel in ideas as concepts and in bringing them alive through moving images. At Siriti, I found an opportunity to be able to dive deeper into this space and create content that impacts. Also, having access to Pradyumna Chauhan’s inputs on Siriti’s film based projects, is a huge plus. So lots to look forward too.”

Going forward, Siriti plans to expand its offer through partnerships and new initiatives. Vainateya explained “We are working on some new shades of Siriti, that we will share within the next few weeks.” Sohan added, “It all starts with having the right people on board and our canvas grows through them.”

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