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Suneil Chawla joins Ador Multiproducts as an Independent Director

He is also the co-founder of Social Beat.

Suneil Chawla, a promising name in the digital marketing sector, has associated with Ador Multiproducts as an Independent Director. As Ador Multiproducts accelerates its digital transformation, including its ecommerce play through its subsidiary, 1908 e-ventures , Suneil would be a valuable advisor and mentor to the board with his digital experience. Suneil, is an expert in the domain and has proved his excellence in the past. As 1908 Eventures’ platform, Sublime Life, pledges to build cruelty-free, clean beauty brands in India, it is the perfect opportunity for Suneil to demonstrate his brilliance as the company aims to assist beauty brands right from manufacturing to marketing the products.

Suneil being a bright alumni of IIM, has always believed in bringing excellence with this work. With his extensive years of experience and market knowledge, he has also co-founded Social Beat where he is involved in marketing multiple high-profile brands. Well looking at this, it will be an interesting opportunity to witness Suneil’s strategies to advance the company’s objectives and how his advice affects the company’s position in the market.

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