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Suyash Khabya takes charge as chief creative officer at The Womb

Khabya has 23 years of experience in the ad industry and he has written a couple of TV serials and an OTT show.

The Womb announces Suyash Khabya's elevation as chief creative officer. With 23 years of zigzagging through the ad world- from Bates to BBH to Ogilvy to his home, The Womb - Suyash brings a truckload of creativity and a dash of wit to his new role.

"We couldn't be more thrilled about Suyash leading our creative charge, He’s been part of The Womb for the last 8 years. He’s help build the creative culture of ‘Simple Yet Unignorable’ work that we believe in," said Navin Talreja and Kawal Shoor, founders of The Womb. "His quirky charm and unmatched creativity are exactly what we need.”

"The Womb is home. Not once in the last 8 years did I think of looking anywhere else because since Day 1, The Womb has stood strong on some principles I totally identify with – No Pitch, No speculative work, No ‘Forced Purpose’ to win awards. In a world of network agencies and even newer independent agencies, Navin and Kawal have stuck to their guns and that’s fab!," quipped Suyash, the man of the hour.

“At The Womb, we aren’t slaves of an idea, we are its mother. We give birth an idea, we nurture it and when required we also turn into Durga Maa to protect it. Because, it’s very easy to give in. As passionate creatives, it’s important to hold ground. And yes, we do all this keeping the client’s ‘business’ as the north star. I also believe that the world needs more insanity, more laughs…this was the space advertising gave up to stand-up comics, influencers, reels and went on the path of ‘higher purpose’, we need more humour back in advertising. My agenda for my creative team is to do more unexpected kind of work and ideas that have got new-age imbibed in them. In a cluttered media mix, ideas need an X factor for them to be unignorable. We need more of those,” adds Suyash.

This ‘blue collared’ advertising creative was part of the 1st creative course at MICA. Beyond advertising, Suyash has written a couple of TV serials and an OTT show. Under the leadership of new CEO Anurag Gupta, The Womb is all set to break stereotypes and redefine creativity with Suyash at the helm.

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