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Tenon Group names Anuj Rajain as Chief Strategy Officer

In his new role, Anuj will be in charge of implementing Tenon Group's budget and strategy.

Tenon Group an integrated security and facilities management company has named Anuj Rajain as its new chief strategy officer (CSO).

Tenon Group of Companies is made up of three market leaders with a significant global presence: Tenon FM, Peregrine Guarding, and Soteria (Remote monitoring and surveillance service provider using Internet of Things (IoT) devices and Artificial Intelligence).

Anuj Rajain is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Soteria, the providers of remote monitoring solutions. He will be responsible for determining the direction of Peregrine Guarding Security Singapore, as well as carrying out all corporate policies and overseeing the company's general operations, in this additional job. He is in charge of the overall strategic activities.

As CSO, Anuj will be in charge of implementing Tenon Group's budget and strategy. He understands the complexities of business, and his primary role is to find, and exploit underserved and underpenetrated market segments, as well as to draw synergies between the two. Anuj's views on technological advancement, business pivots, and finding growth opportunities will be critical in driving growth and creating new doors for the organisation.

Anuj Rajain, chief strategy officer of Tenon Group, stated of his new post and responsibilities, "I am looking forward to this new role challenge and to taking the organisation to new heights."

According to Major Manjit Rajain, global chairman of Tenon Group, "Anuj has been a core part of the Soteria inception team since 2014 and has immensely contributed to its growth. Given his skills and expertise, we are certain that Anuj will provide a new perspective to assist us in accelerating our momentum and accomplishing our strategic goals."

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