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Uniqlo India’s head of marketing Shantanu joins Kapiva

He was responsible for launching Uniqlo in India.

Unliqlo India’s head of marketing Shantanu has joined Ayurveda brand Kapiva as chief operating officer. He announced the move in a LinkedIn post.

Shantanu had joined Uniqlo India in January 2019 and was responsible for launching the brand in India. He had spent over 10 years at Procter & Gamble in various roles before joining Uniqlo.

“I have been witness to the time awaiting the first customer in store to a time when we had to close store as there was no more space even in 40,000 sq feet store. From waiting for the first order on ecommerce to a time when we had so many orders that we couldn't clear the backlog for a week. From so few employees that we could sit around one table to now when if all of us go to office together probably we might not even fit in. I am grateful to everyone at Uniqlo especially my marketing and ecommerce team for making this journey so exciting,” Shantanu wrote.

“I am equally excited about the next phase of my life as I join Kapiva, a dream to make Ayurveda accessible and relevant to young Indians not just as a solution to a problem but as way for a healthier lifestyle,” he added.