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Vikram Tanna moves on from Discovery, joins Mzaalo as COO

Vikram Tanna, the head of advertising, sales and head of regional clusters South Asia at Discovery has moved on.

After spending a little over 3 years as head of advertising, sales and business head of regional clusters, South Asia at Discovery Inc., Vikram Tanna has moved on. He has joined Mzaalo (Xfinite Global plc) as chief operating officer. He will continue to be based out of Mumbai. Before his stint at Discovery, Tanna worked at Star India for over 8 years.

Mzaalo is an entertainment based digital platform that enables users to access premium content without a subscription. It calls itself an 'ad-supported' video-on-demand platform that offers global access to latest/premium movies and web series. Their content range includes movies, music videos, TV shows, and games.

Vikram Tanna moves on from Discovery, joins Mzaalo as COO

Xfinite is the digital platform that owns Mzaalo. It claims to aspire to 'revolutionise' the world of entertainment using blockchain technology to provide a decentralised model for content provision and distribution. Their LinkedIn page describes this process as helping create a new generation of media producers and consumers who are empowered to make choices and decisions that directly shape the future of the entertainment industry.