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WolfzHowl announces new partners

Prerna Dubey and Renuka Asnani have been promoted as new partners.

Wolfzhowl, a consumer behaviour change lab crafting efficacious brand solutions company has promoted Prerna Dubey and Renuka Asnani as new partners.

While announcing Prerna as the new partner, Kalyan Challapalli said “As an entrepreneur who started WolfzHowl for the passion of the business, I was well reminded by her that we are also a “business”. Strongly instigated by her we have launched WolfSIGHT the culture and consumer intelligence firm and Wolf Effect the digital-first engagement firm and already seeing organic success. WolfzHowl has been for its first decade an alone journey and I started realising that I needed partners to grow this, so when I got hold of a young 30+ Prerna, I did one of the best strategies of my life. Gave her equity, made her partner and locked her in for good.

So am delighted and proud to celebrate Prerna as co-founder & partner of all 3 firms of the WolfVerse and am assured that she is going to head and lead this firm borne out of passion and a bit of eccentric idealism to its next level of growth.”

In a people business, P&L is People & Love. Culture is commerce. Wolves are the Wow factor. Exactly the reason why the head of commerce Renuka is not that, she is the head of culture primarily.

“Renuka Asnani is essential and has the massive responsibility of coming in as a partner & lead culture & commerce. 50+ wonderfully wisdom-haired, mother of two, ex-fashion entrepreneur, a fantastic mix of the home maker’s common sense and wisdom and the revenue planning that an organised firm need is exactly why we need her to be a partner and take us to the next phase of growth. She has managed money and our motley crew from one small start-up firm to a set of 3 firms now and done so much more. Am proud and grateful to have Renuka Asnani as a partner WolfVerse and head of culture & commerce across all 3 firms.” says Kalyan Challapalli as he talks about his new partner Renuka Asnani

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