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Xiaomi India’s Anuj Sharma joins POCO India as country head

He has been the head of marketing at Xiaomi India since 2018.

Anuj Sharma, Xiaomi India’s head of marketing has moved on and joined POCO India as its country head. He announced this move on Twitter and his post read, “Reporting for POCO duty!”.

Sharma had joined Xiaomi India in September 2018 and spent just over two years at the Chinese smartphone maker.

With over 15 years of experience, Sharma has worked at several companies such as Razer Inc, Motorola, Lenovo smartphones, and Wipro Technologies.

Poco was launched in 2018 as Xiaomi’s sub-brand but on 17 January 2020, Manu Kumar Jain, Global VP, Xiaomi and MD, Xiaomi India tweeted, “Excited to share: #POCO will now be an independent brand! What started as a sub-brand within Xiaomi, has grown into its own identity. POCO F1 was an incredibly popular phone. We feel the time is right to let POCO operate on its own.”

As per a TechCrunch report on 17 January 2020, POCO India will operate, “… as a standalone company that will now run independently of the Chinese electronics giant and make its own market strategy.”

If you visit the Xiaomi India website, you won’t find any mention of POCO but visit the Xiaomi global website and you will find a section for POCOPhone. It's as if POCO is an independent entity only in India.

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