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Zee Studios appoints Pragati Deshmukh as head of content

Pragati, a former ZEE5 executive, spearheaded seven shows.

Zee Studios is thrilled to announce its strategic restructuring aimed at revitalising its operations in both theatrical and digital ventures. Under the leadership of Umesh Bansal, Pragati Deshmukh has been appointed as the head of content across verticals.

Pragati Deshmukh is a seasoned professional with nearly two decades of experience in the entertainment industry. She previously played a key role at ZEE5, where she spearheaded seven successful shows that significantly boosted the platform's viewership and reputation. Pragati's approach to content creation has set industry standards, earning her a reputation for excellence and creativity. She has won various awards for her techniques in content production and storytelling.

In her new role, Pragati Deshmukh stated, "I am honoured to join Zee studios at such a pivotal time. As content custodians, we have the power and responsibility to deliver compelling, engaging and impactful content to our audience. I will ensure that all our projects, the largest productions to our smallest endeavours are story driven and character focused. Zee Studios has been a leader in the business of storytelling and I am excited to build on that legacy."

Zee Studios is committed to producing sophisticated and nuanced content across various genres. Embracing their role as industry leaders, the studio is dedicated not only to creating but also to ensuring the highest quality and depth in their productions. Additionally, the studio is enhancing its festival circuit strategies to boost global visibility and acclaim for its productions, ensuring a robust presence in international film festivals.

This announcement marks a new era for Zee Studios, with a renewed focus on content and strategic growth under Pragati Deshmukh's leadership.

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