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ZEE TV's Sunita Uchil steps down as the Chief Business Officer of Zee Plus

Her next move is yet to be known.

Sunita Uchil, head of international co-productions, has moved on from ZEE TV. “After an illustrious career spanning 15 years, Sunita Uchil has decided to step down from her position as the chief business officer of Zee Plus, the international co-production division of Zee Entertainment Enterprises (ZEE), to pursue her interests outside the organization. Sunita has successfully helmed the international ad sales, syndication and co-production units for the Company’s international business over the years, strengthening ZEE’s connect with the Indian diaspora across the globe. We thank her for the invaluable contribution towards the growth of the Company, and wish her success in all her future endeavours.” – Zee company Spokesperson.

Sunita Uchil is a career media professional with over 30 years’ experience in the TV, Radio & Print industry with a vast working knowledge across sectors. She is also an active juror for many prestigious awards and events in the industry. In 2022, she became the first representative from India to be appointed on the advisory board of FRAPA.

Uchil’s numerous career highlights include exec producing “Life of Earth From Space”, a blue-chip science documentary, along with the Smithsonian channel; co-producing “Deceptive Measures”, the African remake of a hit Indian drama and overseeing the ZEE – Televisa Univision co-production of “The Spice Trails”, a culinary travelogue series. She was named by The Hollywood Reporter as one of the Most Powerful Women in Global Television.

Her latest project was completed in July 2023 and is titled “Lions: Now or Never”, a premium wildlife documentary series with Talesmith U.K. The series delves into the highly controversial aspect of trophy hunting as a means to conservation while also unravelling the lions unique relationship with humans and their need for growth on our planet. The series is filmed in the 2 natural habitats of the lion, India & Africa.

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