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ZEEL appoints Subhash Chandra as chairman emeritus...

... With effect from August 19, 2020 and R Gopalan is named as the chairman of the board.

In a BSE filing, Zee Entertainment Enterprise Ltd said Subhash Chandra tendered his resignation, as the non-executive director of the company, through a letter dated August 18, 2020.

ZEEL, in its filing, said, "In the mentioned letter of resignation, Shri. Chandra expressed a great sense of satisfaction, having witnessed a Company which he founded 27 years ago, emerge into a global media & entertainment powerhouse. He also expressed his passion as an entrepreneur, to consistently work towards creating a better tomorrow and mentioned about his undivided attention needed for the same."

In recognition of the fact that Chandra founded the company and considering his unmatched contributions, the Board requested him to act as 'Chairman Emeritus' with effect from August 19, 2020, which he accepted.

The filing also mentioned the appointment of R Gopalan as chairman of the Board. He was appointed as an additional director in the category of independent director on November 25, 2019.