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Adfactors founders Madan Bahal and Rajesh Chaturvedi partner with Boby Kurian to launch StratInk Consulting

The venture will provide tailored communication solutions for intricate business environments to CEOs and top investors.

Journalist-turned-communications strategist Boby Kurian and Adfactors PR's founders Madan Bahal and Rajesh Chaturvedi have formed a joint venture company, StratInk Consulting, offering CEOs and leading investors bespoke communications solutions for complex business environments.

Bahal and Chaturvedi are partnering in their personal capacities. Kurian will lead and drive the management as co-founder and MD. 

StratInk Consulting will deliver communication-led corporate advisory services to India Inc. on the strength of business and industry understanding. The firm will engage with principal stakeholders and their teams on conceiving and supporting value-enhancing and ring-fencing strategies.

StratInk will offer counsel on risk intelligence, merger and acquisition, public advocacy, people advisory, investment cycles, and geopolitical and economic trends. The consultancy’s specialist team will be drawn from newsrooms, communications, law firms, capital markets and public policy platforms. 

(L-R): Rajesh Chaturvedi, Madan Bahal, and Boby Kurian.
(L-R): Rajesh Chaturvedi, Madan Bahal, and Boby Kurian.

The firm will have India offices in Bengaluru, New Delhi, and Mumbai. As a newsroom expert, he played an essential role in mainstreaming conversations on private capital and the start-up economy in the last decade.

Bahal and Chaturvedi have spearheaded the four-decade-old Adfactors Group, a communications conglomerate in the country, comprising Adfactors PR, Adfactors Advertising, and chlorophyll, besides ownership interests in research companies such as IndiaStat and Projects Today.

Kurian previously held senior editorial functions at The Times of India and The Economic Times, among other media. He advises the world's largest tech investor and multiple business leaders on growth opportunities and business risks.

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