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Absolut Vodka announces new bottle design, first one since its launch in 1979

The redesigned bottles will be available in the US this month, and globally in the coming months.

Absolut Vodka has announced its new bottle design. It is the first one for the brand since its launch in the United States in 1979. It brings to life Absolut Vodka's 'One Source' philosophy, by including text alongside an illustration of the original distillery noting 'One Source. One Community. One Small Village in the south of Sweden'. The new packaging aims to reinforce the fact that every Absolut Vodka bottle is produced and distilled in and around Åhus, Sweden.

The address of the original distillery will now be on the front label to provide transparency about the location and help communicate that Absolut Vodka's brand home welcomes visitors to discover more at its site.

It is interesting to note that it is the first time Absolut Vodka has included a paper label on the bottle. The legibility of the script will also be enhanced to allow people to read and enjoy the liquor brand’s story.

The updates to Absolut Vodka’s new-look bottle imply that it has kept its iconic shape inspired by an 18th-century apothecary bottle, while modernising its design. The brand says that the redesigned bottles still house the same high quality Swedish vodka.

Commenting on the brand’s new bottle design, Charl Bassil, global vice president, marketing, Absolut Vodka, said in a press statement, “Our new look reflects the efforts we put into the making of our vodka. We’ve taken a look at ourselves and have landed in a place where we have kept our distinct DNA, communicating our provenance, heritage and authenticity more clearly than ever before. Our new bottles still hold the same well-balanced vodka they always have, but celebrate the nature and craft that make Absolut Vodka perfect for everything it mixes with.”

With Sweden now taking pride of place at the front of the bottle, it is clear that the vodka is authentically rooted in its community of farmers, distillers and bottlers. They all blend winter wheat with pristine water from a local deep well to create this particular vodka.

The new Absolut Vodka bottles will be available in the US from this month, and globally in the coming months.