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Chivas 12 undergoes first big packaging redesign in 112 years

It is inspired by the aesthetics of a new, style-conscious generation of Scotch whisky drinkers.

Chivas has unveiled a new look for its flagship blended Scotch whisky. It is the 'biggest' redesign in Chivas’ 112-year history. Chivas 12 has undergone a redesign of its bottle, label and pack. The new look blends boldness, modernity and status, while still keeping the luxury and distinguished heritage long associated with Chivas, intact.

The redesign is aimed to see the Chivas 12 bottle reshaped and elongated to stand taller and prouder, while still retaining its recognisable rounded shoulders. A redesigned crest shines a light on the beating heart of Chivas – the ‘luckenbooth’, a symbol embodying the Chivas values of ambition, generosity and unapologetic success.

The outer box has also undergone a renewal, with burgundy replacing the familiar silver and gold tones as the main colour scheme. The package retains the intricate detailing and textured finish.

According to the brand, the entire redesign project was conceived with sustainability at its heart, as a part of the company’s target of 100 per cent recyclable, reusable, compostable or bio-based packaging after few years. The new bottle is lighter, saving over 1000 tonnes of glass annually, while the outer packaging is now made from fully recyclable materials. The whisky in each bottle remains the same.

The redesign is inspired by the aesthetics of a new, style-conscious generation of Scotch whisky drinkers, who are reforming and re-evaluating what luxury looks like.

Commenting on the new look of the iconic Chivas 12, Kartik Mohindra, chief marketing officer, Pernod Ricard India, said, "This is a colossal change for the brand that seeks to introduce the new generation of Chivas drinkers to vibrant choices. The new design adds boldness, modernity and a bit of flash to the iconic and timeless heritage of Chivas."

"Through the redesign, we aim to build a stronger connect with our millennial consumer, who is unapologetic about their success and choices in life. Sustainability has been at the helm of re-conceptualising Chivas 12 for a new conscious generation. The redesign also brings the brand’s commitment to sustainability to the forefront."

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