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Nestlé KitKat has 3 different packs to celebrate each relationship

KitKat has created over 12 million unique 'Love Break' packs, with three different digital prints to choose from.

Be it bae, BFF or buddy, every relationship is unique. In this season of love, Nestlé KitKat has rolled out limited edition 'Love Break' packs to share a break and make one feel special. It builds on the insight that every relationship is unique, so, why should the way we express our love, not be just as unique.

Commenting on the campaign, Rupali Rattan, head, confectionery business, Nestlé India, said, “KitKat 'Love Break' campaign recognises that the youth today want to be unique in their expressions. Building on this truth, KitKat wanted to personalise the packs to make their breaks special during this season of love. The millions of unique packs will let youth express themselves in the way they want to and how they define their special relationships.”

KitKat has created over 12 million unique 'Love Break' packs, with quirky digital prints, which consumers can choose from as their way of a special break.

Elaborating on the campaign, actor and brand ambassador Ayushmann Khurrana said, “Sometimes in life, all it takes is showing our loved ones how special they are to us. KitKat 'Love Break' packs is giving every individual an opportunity to express themselves in their own unique style. I am excited about this never-seen-before category first innovation by KitKat and look forward to sharing this special one in a million break with everyone.”

Added actor Sanya Malhotra, “I believe that love is not only limited to one person, but also about all the people who make us feel valued. KitKat 'Love Break' packs are an amazing way to show our unique love for all the special relationships in our life.”

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