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Tata Tea Chakra Gold celebrates Tamil Nadu with new packaging and sand art installation

Tamilians are known to be process-oriented and perfectionists; the regional packaging is based on this central insight.

As part of its latest brand initiative, Tata Tea Chakra Gold created a massive sand art installation celebrating Tamil Nadu’s iconic state pride elements at VGP Beach, Chennai. The effort is part of the brand’s commitment to celebrate Tamil Nadu’s regional pride and to continue to be an integral part of the Tamil way of life.

The state is synonymous with excellence and achievements across different spheres of life, and is underpinned by Tamilians’ unique code of conduct- being process-oriented and celebration of perfection. The new pack refresh campaign is based on this central insight, highlighting the brand’s ‘Tea for Tamilians’ proposition.

Tata Tea Chakra Gold celebrates Tamil Nadu with new packaging and sand art installation

The sand installation, designed by Indian sand artist Padma Shri Sudarsan Pattnaik, featured famous motifs and elements deeply rooted in Tamil Nadu’s culture. Some of these elements are also part of the new pack, like the intricate golden motifs from the Kanjeevaram saree designs, Kolam, gestures and poses from the Bharatnatyam dance form, and Tanjore dolls narrating legendary tamil stories, besides other emblems from the state’s capital.

Elaborating on the new pack, Puneet Das, President, Packaged Beverages, India & South Asia, Tata Consumer Products, states, “In continuation of our journey to being one of Tamil Nadu’s most loved tea brand over the year, we have now refreshed our pack with elements celebrating Tamil pride and way of life to perfection. We feel that renowned sand artist Padma Shri. Sudarsan Pattnaik is the perfect artist to creatively bring alive the motifs of the state in an engaging manner in celebration of the Tamil way of Life”

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