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Xiaomi unveils slightly modified new logo

Despite claiming that it is a corporate redesign, the old logo looks quite similar to the new one.

Leading technology company Xiaomi has announced a 'refreshed' ('new') corporate visual identity, which supposedly fuses oriental philosophy with the design concept of 'Alive'. According to a post on the company's site, the new branding aims to strengthen Xiaomi’s foothold in the premium market, while raising brand awareness with its audiences through its new dynamic logo.

Xiaomi’s brand new logo was designed by Kenya Hara, a world-renowned designer, professor at Musashino Art University, and the president of the Nippon Design Center (NDC).

Adopting a softer, rounder contour on the corners of the previously squared logo, along with redesigned 'MI' typography, the new logo attempts to be more aesthetically pleasing. Its corporate brand colour remains orange and black, and silver will also be used as a supplemental colour to accommodate high-end product line applications.

Hara used the 'superellipse' mathematical formula when designing the logo. While there are infinite options between a square and a perfect circle, Hara achieved a visually optimal dynamic balance by adjusting the variables in the formula.

Using n=3 struck the perfect balance between a square and a circle, epitomising the core aspect of 'Alive', resulting in the brand new logo. The company feels that compared with a right-angled object, a circle is a shape that is more agile.

Xiaomi's new logo vs. the old logo
Xiaomi's new logo vs. the old logo

The old logo is only slightly different from the company's new logo - the biggest difference being the rounded corners. According to the company, the new logo is not fixed at the four corners of the square. It, instead, adapts to content and is placed at the most suitable position. The new dynamic logo further embraces the philosophical thinking, making the logo truly come 'Alive'.

The concept of 'Alive' is Xiaomi’s thinking and response to the turning point in the era of intelligent interconnectivity. As a technology company, Xiaomi is committed to bringing more innovations around the world and it is essential for the brand to grow along with its users.

As Xiaomi is growing at a rapid pace, it is also making more friends along the way. The brand is ushering into a new decade as it expands its presence from the masses to premium users, from technology to art space, from online to offline and all over the world.