Sreekant Khandekar
Editor's Note

The call of the office (and other such things outside)

Ever since the lockdown, brand advertising has been focused on the ‘sweet home’ theme. That idea has run its course. Brands should refocus on people wanting to get back to life outside.

The joy of silence. Butterfly flirting with flower. The distant chirping of birds. Cuddling child on lap. Cooking together. Breathing in the clean air. Aah!

If this collage of sweet stay-at-home advertising for a brand film had an expiry date, it was April 14. Its time is up.

Any more of these feel-good stories and someone will start a petition on demanding a ban on them :)

I mean, have you ever heard of a prisoner joyously celebrate the prolonging of his sentence?

The idea of a forced break from the frantic life had substance in the first week or two of the lockdown. It was novel, a forced holiday. Time to do one's stuff, spend time with family.

But, honestly, how much of this can one take?

Once the PM punctured our hopes of release, moving the date to May 3, the mood has utterly changed. Most people are cooped up in tiny flats. Everyone I have asked can't wait to get out.

When I asked colleagues (and ex) what they'd do on May 4, I got answers ranging from "I want to sit on Marine Drive" to "long drive" to "hike till I drop" to "push my husband to office" to "I just want to go to office."

With life slowly opening up, the mood is one of anticipation and excitement even if tinged with concern. The plot has changed. Brand communication needs to reflect that now.

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