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16 new advertisers, 70 new brands advertised during 35 matches of IPL 16: TAM Sports

E-comm gaming and Pan Masala top two advertisers amid this period.

As per a recent report by TAM Sports, 16 new advertisers and 70 new brands have advertised during the first 35 matches of TATA IPL 16 (March 31, 2023 to April 25, 2023) compared to the same number of matches in IPL 15.

During IPL 16, there was an increase in the number of categories after every seven matches, as per the report.

Throughout all 35 matches of IPL 16, 'e-commerce gaming' and 'Pan Masala' category has managed to be at first and second positions, respectively.

This year, the top five categories together had 59% share of ad volumes, while the top five advertisers contributed 39% of those volumes during the league’s 35 matches. Out of which, 'e-commerce gaming' alone contributed 18% of ad share.

Last year, all categories were tech based except 'Pan Masala'. As per the report, two out of the top five categories were common between IPL 15 and 16 i.e. 'Pan Masala' and 'e-commerce gaming'. Pan Masala's share of ad volumes in IPL 16 has doubled as compared to the last season.

16 new advertisers, 70 new brands advertised during 35 matches of IPL 16: TAM Sports

Sporta Technologies ad K P Pan Foods were the only common advertisers among the top five advertisers during IPL 16 and IPL 15. Sporta Technologies operates the portal in India, which offers cricket, football, basketball, hockey and kabaddi fantasy games through Dream11.

Sporta Technologies kept the top spot and managed to rank among the top five advertisers for all 35 games of IPL 16.

Also, the report mentions that among the 70 new brands, 'Airtel 5G Plus' was the leading brand followed by 'Rajshree Silver Coated Elaichi', 'Thumbs Up Charged', 'Rupay Credit', and 'Parle Platina Hide & Seek Black Bourbon'.

Furthermore, the report mentioned that about 68 brands advertised on both regional and Hindi+English sports channels during 35 matches of IPL 16. topped the list of common brands.

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