Ashwini Gangal

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare meets creative agencies

Currently, Meridian Communications is the brand's creative custodian.

Bengaluru-based Himalaya Herbal Healthcare is currently in the process of meeting creative agencies. The effort is for an upcoming venture that will unfold shortly. Several creative agencies are in conversation with the brand and are in the process of sharing their ideas with the team.

While official confirmation from the Himalaya authorities could not be sourced at the time of filing this report, highly placed market sources have confirmed the news to afaqs!.

Himalaya Herbal Healthcare meets creative agencies
Ogilvy India's second agency Meridian Communications currently handles the creative duties across the brand's product portfolio. Sources inform afaqs! that the company is pleased with Meridian's contributions so far and the agency will continue to stay on board, despite the current development. Apparently, the ongoing process is for an upcoming project for the brand.

Broadly speaking, Himalaya's products can be categorised into pharmaceutical, personal care and animal health categories.

The pharmaceutical range comprises medicinal products that can be classified into children's health, men's health, women's health and general health.

The company's range of personal care offerings comprises products under health care, oral care, hair care, skin care and baby care.

The range includes fairness creams, soap-free face washes, facial cleansers, face toners, moisturisers, soap-free shampoos, conditioners, and hair-loss control, weight control, pimple control, foot care, multi-purpose cream, skin nutrient, dandruff control, anti-stress, digestive health, pain reliever, cough and cold reliever, oral care and baby care products.

The Himalaya logo is said to be a 'visual definition' of the company's brand identity. The orange leaf that forms the crossbar of the letter 'H' symbolises the company's focus on herbal healthcare. Further, the teal green colour represents its proximity to nature, while orange stands for warmth, vibrancy and commitment to caring. The Himalaya brand comes with the promise of good health and overall well being.

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