Ashwini Gangal

Two bronzes for Lowe India at AME 2013

The wins were pulled in by the agency's Surf Excel and Lifebuoy campaigns.

Two bronzes for Lowe India at AME 2013
Two bronzes for Lowe India at AME 2013
As confirmed by the Asian Marketing Effectiveness Festival (AME) authorities earlier today, Lowe Lintas & Partners India has won two bronze awards at this year's event.

Both wins are in the 'Best Sustained Success' category for the Unilever brands, Lifebuoy and Surf Excel.

Titled 'Global Hand Washing Day: Saving Lives', the winning Lifebuoy campaign conveyed the message that simply washing one's hands with soap can help save lives. In an earlier story on afaqs!, Samir Singh, global vice-president, Lifebuoy, had mentioned that the brand's goal is to change the hand washing behaviour of a billion people by 2015 and consequently save lives, especially in diarrhoea-ridden parts of India.

In the case of Surf Excel, the winning entry is titled 'Tapping into Forgotten Gandhian Values to Sell 2 Billion Packs of Detergent'.

As reported by afaqs! earlier today, among other Indian wins at the AME 2013 are Ogilvy's silver for its Vodafone 'Made for You' campaign and BBDO's bronze for its Gillette 'Everyday Soldier' campaign. Lowe's wins were not documented on the official AME website at the time of filing the previous report. However, as of today, both, Lowe as well as the awards team, have confirmed the agency's wins.

The awards show was held on May 8-9 at Shanghai, China.

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