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Condoms in sachets?

In its latest TVC, Zaroor+ TimeMax, condom brand by DKT India, highlights its unique packaging and distribution strategy.

A set of small sachets strung together and hung above the counter at a paan-bidi shop, is a sight most Indians are familiar with. We usually expect to see shampoo, conditioner and paan masala sachets, and chips packets, displayed this way. DKT India has added yet another product to that list - condoms.

In a move to promote its condom brand Zaroor+ TimeMax, the company has widened its distribution net beyond chemist outlets, to include non-traditional outlets like paan shops and kiryana shops, that don't typically have a drawer or shelf available for boxed condoms.

Condoms in sachets?
Condoms in sachets?
The brand highlights its packaging, product display and distribution strategy in a recently released TVC. The tagline used is 'Kone Kone Pe Milega', which is Hindi for 'Is available at every nook and corner'.

The objective of the 40 second long TVC, shares Collin Dick, executive director, DKT India, is to "make people aware of a new type of condom packaging in the market - something more fun and easygoing, not the typical sexed up product promotion that dominates the category now."

The film has specific messages for both, the brand's retail partners and its end users.

The message for retailers is: "Display this string of condoms like any other FMCG, personal care or health care product; there's nothing for you to be shy about, and it won't take up any valuable shelf space."

The message for consumers is: "Don't be shy about asking for Zaroor+ TimeMax; just pick it up like a packet of Lay's."

Zaroor+ TimeMax claims to be the only brand in the condom category to be offered in sachets in the local market in India. Many of DKT International's programs around the world have been distributing condoms this way for many years, we learn.

About replicating this strategy in the Indian market, the aforementioned executive director says, "In India, consumers are still very shy about asking for condoms. So we decided to try to take the conversation out into the open a bit, and get the product out of the 'condom drawer', one that most retailers have due to the taboo factor. Now condoms are just like shampoo sachets."

About the brand's new pluck-and-pay format, Rizwana Kapadia, director, operations and administration, DKT India, says, "This takes less time for everyone involved and doesn't require any awkward requests to the shop staff about the product. In a typical chemist shop, a consumer has to ask someone (usually in a shy manner) to get condoms for them from a drawer or back case."

When asked which markets the brand is most popular in, she says, "Traditionally the condom market is very strong in the Northern, Central, and Western regions of the country. Our product has done very well in these places."

The ad film has been shot in the business district of South Mumbai. The production house that has worked on this campaign is Studio Eeksaurus.

The brief given to the creative agency was three-fold, we learn. Explains Vikisha Mehta, creative director, Guava Creative Solutions, "It was to highlight the packaging style, easy visibility and widespread availability of the product."

It was important for the protagonist to resemble "the common man," who, we learn, is at the heart of the brand's TG. The typical Zaroor buyer is someone who is typically a little shy about asking for condoms, says the company.

The gentleman in the film doesn't look shy at all, though. "We wanted someone who could convey a certain cocky charm, someone who is flamboyant and friendly, but not lewd or arrogant. An eternal optimist and romantic at heart," explains Guava's Mehta.

The TVC is currently on air across several general entertainment and news channels, including regional ones. Besides TV, the media mix of this campaign includes outdoor and magazine ads as well as point-of-sale promotion. A digital campaign is in the pipeline.

According to the company's website, DKT India (which is an affiliate of DKT International, USA) was established in India in 1992.

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