Ashwini Gangal

Goafest 2014: Quick Speaker Bytes from Day Two

Some interesting snippets from the pre-lunch sessions of Day Two.

Edited Excerpts.

Goafest 2014: Quick Speaker Bytes from Day Two
Goafest 2014: Quick Speaker Bytes from Day Two
Goafest 2014: Quick Speaker Bytes from Day Two
Preethi Mariappan, ECD, Razorfish Germany

"In Germany we're seeing a lot of younger consumers moving from YouTube to Vine. You really need to trust the relevant influencers online. These could be experts, bloggers, anyone really; they needn't be celebrities. The right influencers can create the right engagement. This kind of approach can make a campaign inherently social. Today, social is part of your daily life experience. It is not a separate virtual experience. A campaign by fans, for fans is true celebration. Brands should reward this engagement. We live in the age of social relevance. We should learn real behaviours and pain points, anticipate and solve consumer problems, and create content in context. It's really about personalised relevance. We're going to see the boundaries between 'search-related ideas', 'influencer campaigns' and 'content marketing' die down in the days ahead. All creative ideas of the future will be boundary-blurring. We cannot divorce the physical from the social and digital."

Ashish Mehrotra, Sr. VP, Corporate Development,

"Content marketing is shifting big time on the net. We are engaging with content creators and trying to make engaging campaigns. Also, the local TV is a new medium for people in India! In the new information age, it is coming out with glaring benefits. Some people see this as a new business opportunity."

Melanie Varley, Chief Strategy Officer, Global, at MEC

"Today, the best stories are rooted either in a universal human truth or in a great idea. Consumers today are increasingly expecting brands to be a 'force for good' and have a real purpose. Brands need to be not just socially relevant, but socially accountable. Also, social media is where you can launch brands nowadays. We're also seeing a shift towards real-time campaigns. Technology and data are becoming really integral to our business... it helps us amplify great creative ideas. Data-driven planning is becoming very popular and will grow in the days ahead."

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