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Naidu & Panjabi: Indian creative agency with an international perspective

The agency headed by Keshav Naidu and Kahini Panjabi has clients from personal care, hospitality and e-commerce industries.

Naidu & Panjabi is a boutique creative agency headquartered in Mumbai. Headed by Keshav Naidu and Kahini Panjabi, it has clients from across industries such as personal care, hospitality and e-commerce. The duo aims to cultivate brands for growth by way of quality human experiences. Naidu was voted by Clio as one of the Top 12 Global Creative Directors under 30 and Panjabi is a second generation art director who grew up in the creative department at Lintas.

Within a few days of inception, they have bagged the account for the recently-funded beauty & wellness booking app Ziffi. The Ziffi ad film will also mark the directorial debut of actor Kunaal Roy Kapur.

Naidu & Panjabi: Indian creative agency with an international perspective
Naidu & Panjabi: Indian creative agency with an international perspective
Naidu & Panjabi: Indian creative agency with an international perspective
Talking about their agency and its first client, Naidu says, "Naidu & Panjabi was born out of a dire need to harness our creative restlessness. Traditional advertising and creativity needs to be challenged as the world gets smaller by the day. With Naidu & Panjabi, we hope to create the perfect conditions for path-breaking, creative collaborations. Ziffi is the kind of new digital service that we don't realise we need, until we use it. Once you're hooked, you wonder how you ever managed without it. The real challenge, however, is to get people to try something like this. How do you get people to try something they don't consciously need?"

Panjabi describes how they didn't want to make something that would look like an ad. "We didn't set out to make an ad film. We wanted to make a funny video that young, urban India would enjoy as entertainment. And, somewhere along the way, we bumped into Kunaal Roy Kapur who totally gets this demographic," she comments.

Speaking about the Ziffi project, Kapur says, "The script and treatment which Naidu & Panjabi came up with was fantastic. I couldn't have asked for a better video to debut with as a commercial director. The experience was enriching, and I do hope to put our heads together for a lot more work."

"Naidu & Panjabi is an amazing team to work with. Their understanding of the product and audience is spot on. Their creativity and freshness in thought process is refreshing and often sets the campaign apart from the clutter. Loaded with experience, Naidu & Panjabi team goes the extra mile to get work done and deliver things. They are just the right partner you need for the fast-paced delivery timelines. I am sure Naidu & Panjabi are here to make a big dent, and we wish them all the very best," adds Shantanu Jha, CEO,

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