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Aeolus Tyres to hit Indian roads with Grasshoppers

The agency will work on an integrated creative campaign.

Aeolus, a tyre manufacturer based in China, has appointed Grasshoppers as its creative agency to spearhead the brand's communication in India. The agency, along with its digital marketing wing, Grownups, will design an integrated creative campaign to introduce the brand to the targeted consumers.

Aeolus Tyres to hit Indian roads with Grasshoppers
Aeolus Tyres to hit Indian roads with Grasshoppers
Aeolus has been present in India for two years selling tyres for trucks and other heavy vehicles. It plans to introduce the PCR (Passenger Car Radial) range as well. The campaign, created by Grasshoppers, will highlight the new product.

Deepak Yadav, director at Aeolus Tyre India, says, "We will be introducing some path-breaking solutions in the tyre industry in India which will be unveiled soon through our campaign. The team at Grasshoppers has a strong sense of aesthetics and can also give us a one-stop solution for our mainline and digital marketing requirements."

Explains Grasshoppers' director Arjun Banerjee, "Since there are several well-established players in the tyre segment in India, it is imperative that the Aeolus Tyres campaign stands out from the clutter while clearly communicating the brand's differentiating factor. We want to see Aeolus as a dominant player in the tyre segment in India within the next couple of years and our marketing initiatives will be aimed at aiding that process." Aeolus was founded in 1965 and is among the top 20 tyre brands globally. It is present in 140 countries.

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