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Cannes 2015: Taproot Dentsu, BBDO India shortlisted for Film Lion

Taproot’s film for Mumbai Mirror has been shortlisted. BBDO’s film for iCONGO has been shortlisted

Two Indian agencies have been shortlisted in the Film Lions category – Taproot Dentsu Mumbai and BBDO India Gurgaon.

Taproot’s ‘Hated By Some’ film for Bennett Coleman’s Mumbai Mirror has pulled in this shortlist. Ramesh Deo Productions Mumbai is listed as the production house. Read our detailed story about this film here

Cannes 2015: Taproot Dentsu, BBDO India shortlisted for Film Lion

BBDO’s ‘The World Wants More of a Good Thing’ film for iCONGO (Indian Confederation of NGOs) has been shortlisted. Flying Saucer Pictures Mumbai is listed as the production house. Read our detailed story about this film here

More about Taproot Dentsu’s shortlisted entry:

In the film, Mumbai Mirror thanks the Mumbaikars who live on the fringes of society for hating the newspaper, as their spite towards the brand is like a certificate of its commitment to hard-hitting and feared journalism.

Cannes 2015: Taproot Dentsu, BBDO India shortlisted for Film Lion

Here’s a description of the film, as posted on the YouTube page of The Times of India:

“Hated. Not Ignored. A film that celebrates the victory of truth and embraces the hatred that comes with it, almost with gratitude. Watch the stories of Mumbai and prepare to be moved by the hard hitting reality of the city that never sleeps.

#IAmMumbai is a movement. Not just for a newspaper that fills its pages with the stark naked truth, but for all who call the city home. As Mumbai Mirror would rather be effective than comfortable.”

In conversation with afaqs! a few months back, Rahul Kansal, executive director, BCCL, said about the film, "This film is actually saying the same thing as the first film, fundamentally. However, it has inverted the prism through which the story is being told. The last time around, we showed it from the point of view of the citizen, who had been hurt by the system and was fighting back. Now we are showing it from the point of the 'baddies', who are running scared. The brief to Taproot was to continue to portray Mumbai Mirror as a fearless voice of the common citizen of Mumbai."

for the first leg of this campaign.

More about BBDO’s shortlisted entry:

This film is designed to question the seasonal nature of the ad industry’s ‘do good’ spirit and stir the Cannes Lions authorities.

On iCONGO’s YouTube page, Jeroninio Almeida, founding director, Indian Confederation of NGOs, has posted an appeal to Terry Savage, chairman, Lions Festivals. Many parts of the letter overlap with the script of the voice-over artist in the film.

It reads:

“Dear Mr. #‎TerrySavage,

It’s often said that the entire universe conspires to get a good deed done. Well, in the case of advertising creativity, one could say it conspires a lot more during the months leading up to the #‎CannesLionsFestival in June every year.

Which is a good thing. Because it is during this short burst of a couple of months that creative thinkers slam pedal to metal and we witness the birth of brilliant campaigns that benefit humanity. Myriad ideas that feed the hungry, educate the underprivileged, address inequalities and make the world a much better place.

That’s commendable and incredibly inspiring because these cause-related ideas are not for personal gain. These are ideas for good. Selfless demonstrations of the fact that for every social injustice in this world, there’s a copywriter and an art director who are determined to change it. The last vestiges of hope for a world consumed by commercial decay.

It’s 3 months of pure, unadulterated, cockle-warming service to humankind.

But therein lies the problem: Why should the good work stop after the Awards are given out in June? Why should the world be a happier place for just 3 months every year?

We spoke to many underprivileged beneficiaries and understood their obvious disappointment at the abrupt discontinuation of many wonderful initiatives, shortly after the ideas win a Lion. Or soon after they don’t win one, for that matter.

As head of the world’s pre-eminent creative awards festival, you can easily change that. We believe there’s a simple way to ensure many wonderful ideas impact lives positively for not just 3 odd months, but throughout the year.

Please have a look at the attached video for our suggestion. We believe you’ll find it to be a practical solution to the problem at hand.

Do let us know what you think and thanks for taking time to read through this.”

In conversation with afaqs!, last month, Almeida said about this film, "it was not meant to point fingers or find faults. But, we have always tried to provoke a thought process through the creative community. And looking at the PSAs I have seen, some agencies do it with the right intent and some don't. Our motto at iCONGO is to 'make every wrong, right'. Having said that, if this rubs some wrong people the wrong way, so be it. I feel that agencies are doing such great work; if they channelise it in the right direction and do more than just lip service, we can make a big difference."

The Terry Savage campaign was also shortlisted for a Media Lion earlier this week but it didn’t manage to win. Let’s hope the agency converts this Film shortlist into a Lion.

For the record, India has no shortlists in the Lions Innovation category; none of our entries has been shortlisted in either of the two sub-sections, Creative Data and Innovation.

Also, no Design Lions for India this year; McCann didn’t convert it solo shortlist into a Lion.

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