Aditi Srivastava

HDFC Bank Rolls out a Musical Logo

The MOGO or musical logo aims to create a distinct brand imagery using music which would help form a powerful connect and recall among various stakeholders across platforms.

HDFC Bank has introduced a musical logo or MOGO, as part of its sonic branding initiative which is going to be used across multiple touch points (on a pan-Indian basis) like ATMs, phone banking, mobile banking app and the website. The sonic branding concept has been created and conceptualised by Brand Musiq with two kinds of radio spots. The short radio spot is a six-note tune, which will be played at ATMs while the longer one called the Mogo Scape will be available as a caller tune and ringtone across various other IVR platforms.

HDFC Bank Rolls out a Musical Logo
HDFC Bank Rolls out a Musical Logo
The brand believes that the digital element signifies the contemporary and youthful quality of the bank, which is constantly adapting to meet the needs and requirements of the target audience.

Says Kartik Jain, executive vice president and head, marketing, HDFC Bank, "We intend to create an emotional engagement among various stakeholders across platforms through the MOGO, which includes target groups ranging from a rural farmer to urban city dweller and from a government employee to a corporate one, serving important roles in their organisations. Also, we are targeting the youth mindset here instead of any specific age group through the sonic logo."

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