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Of Smoking, Sex and Sanskaar

What could Sunny Leone, Alok Nath and Deepak Dobriyal possibly be doing together in an anti-smoking ad titled '11 Minutes'?

Death, sex and drama. What else can the viewer of a Hindi film ask for? Especially, a public service ad film which seeks to discourage people from smoking? And, one which has the startling cast of Sunny Leone, Alok Nath and Deepak Dobriyal?

One thing is for sure: it will make even smokers smile. The 4 min 40 second-long film was released at the Cinepolis theatre in Andheri West Mumbai yesterday.

Of Smoking, Sex and Sanskaar
The story is set somewhere in rural north India and is about a young man, played by Dobriyal, who is critically ill. The local quack reckons that he doesn't have long to live. Dobriyal's family, led by his father Alok Nath, dutifully set about inquiring what his last wish is.

Dobriyal is dying, but nevertheless delighted as he slyly produces the photograph of a woman. His father (played by Alok Nath), his family and even the family goat are horrified by his request but a last wish cannot be denied. The father sets off on his trusty scooter to manfully do his duty.

Of Smoking, Sex and Sanskaar
He returns with a shapely, veiled woman who is, of course, Sunny Leone. She walks into Dobriyal's room, shuts the door and begins to shamelessly flirt with him. Dobriyal's character, who can't believe his luck, can barely breathe in his excitement. And sure enough, he soon ceases to.

What could this have to do with anti-smoking, you ask yourself? What could the moral of the story possibly be?

Therein lies the twist in the tale that is bound to have viewers in splits - even smokers. Even the American short story writer, the late O Henry, who built a reputation for tales with an unanticipated end, would have been impressed.

So, here's our prediction - this video will cross at least a million views online.

It has been directed by Vibhu Puri; the story, screenplay and dialogues are by Ankit Sharma, Manish Bhatt and Vibhu Puri and the music has been conceptualised by Manish Bhatt. Singers Aditya Gadhvi and Vatsala Patil have lent their voices to Rooshin Dalal's composition.

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